How To Send Safety Recalls Exclusively To Selected Vehicle Owners Only?}

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How to Send Safety Recalls Exclusively to Selected Vehicle Owners Only?

Just heard the news that a major car manufacturer has placed a recall notice to 175,000 cars in India to fix defective parts. The majority of the recalls are for brake pad issue, air bag functioning, car heating, etc., which may lead to vehicle damage or affect passenger safety.

Though automobile industry is one of the few industries that rely heavily on outsourced parts or vendors, excellence is always intrinsic while manufacturing a car. Even after doing multiple quality tests, the companies may encounter some issue while installing the materials received from vendors. Most of these issues will show up when the car is on the road. So the companies will realize the issue only when a customer visits the service centre with a problem. This is a major pain for auto industries as the car manufacturers incur a huge expense to rectify the mistakes.

The biggest sufferers are the people who bought the car with defective parts. For many people buying a car is a much-awaited dream and spends many hours in doing personal research before freezing onto a particular car based on inputs from friends and experts too. But, when they heard about the recall in the newspaper, it can be a heartbreaking experience to deal with.

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However, many times, all the new cars sold out may not have defect parts. Only particular models may have the issues. In that case, if a company give advertisement with the recall, people who bought a similar brand car may always worry about their car. Moreover, the recalls for a brand new model car may affect the company branding also.

Wouldnt it be nice if there is a solution where only the affected car owners are notified?

Yes. It will be amiable if there is a system where only particular vehicle owners are recalled to service centres to fix the issue instead of giving notice in the newspaper.

So, here we have the best solution for you!

We have designed Autodealrz mobile application to address the pain areas of dealership and customer disconnect. The app enhances the relationship between you and your customer and helps you deal with the issues such as recall, service, etc. on a personal front. Autodealrz mobile app also assists dealership to connect with their customers for New / Used vehicles, Parts, Service & Social Media distribution, etc.

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In short we have placed the dealer in the customers hands.

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Buying Used Cars In Edmonton}

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If you have made the decision to buy a used car, this is the right time to find one! Economic uncertainty in the automotive industry has resulted in very competitive pricing on both new and used cars.

One of the most difficult decisions for some car buyers is deciding between new and used. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both. However, used car in that has been well maintained can serve you faithfully for many years. Paying attention to the manufacturers requirements for oil changes, tire rotations and other routine maintenance items will go a long way to ensuring the longevity of your purchase. In Edmonton, there are hundreds of options to choose from on any given day. The number of used cars available for purchase is impressive, and it can be hard to sift through the options. Buying used cars in Edmonton can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, but there are ways to reduce the stress.

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There are dozens and dozens of places to buy used cars in Edmonton, and it can be hard to know where to start. Knowing exactly what kind of car you are looking for will help you narrow your dealership options. Before you go to any dealerships, take the time to research what you are looking for from the make and model to the engine size and transmission efficiently. Think about what are non-negotiable options for your future vehicle. There are many different options and features available when buying a used car, so make sure the ones you want fit into your budget.

Speaking of your budget, do not approach a dealership for used cars in Edmonton without first knowing how much you can afford. This includes the down payment, the monthly payments, the registration and insurance. You may also want to factor in the price of a mechanical inspection. If you will be making payments, compare the financing options offered by the dealership with the options you can get from your bank. Spending that time doing detailed research can mean significant savings down the road.

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, it is time to look at one of the many places to buy used cars in Edmonton. There are major dealerships, private sellers and everything in between. A good place to start looking is online. The majority of auto magazines and car dealerships have websites featuring their cars, and it is quick and easy to do the research online. Without having to run all over the city, you can take a look at the options available without leaving your home. Once you have found a handful of options, it is the time to start talking with dealers to purchase your car!

If you are in the market for one of the many used cars in Edmonton, best of luck! It can be a daunting task to find the right car for your wants and needs, but it is out there. Take your time, do your research, and do not forget about what you want, and you will be thrilled with the ideal car you have found.

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