Wu Yi Tea’s Medicinal Value}

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Wu Yi Tea’s Medicinal Value


Junior Ezra

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages next to water. It’s believed to have inherent medicinal value that other substitute drinks like coffee don’t have. Wu Yi Tea, also called Oolong Tea is a uniquely blended natural drink which was traditionally used by people of Asian origin, especially the Chinese and Japanese. It was very famous for its outstanding supplements and antioxidants. Its unique nutrients are believed to help in weight loss if drank regularly. Wu Yi Tea contains no calories, fats, chemicals and carbs but has a great taste and smell.

The health benefits of taking Wu Yi tea include helping burn cholesterol from the body which is a major cause of heart diseases like heart attacks. If taken15 minutes before consuming fattening carbs, it reduces the effects of insulin boost and thus can be consumed by people suffering from diabetics. Carbs that are usually converted to fats are blocked so that a person can consume fatty and starchy foods without adding on weight. It also suppresses ones appetite when at the same time moderating blood sugar levels. It also works as anti-ageing remedy by helping eliminate the radicals associated with aging and therefore delaying visible aging signs like wrinkles. It’s also believed to prolong the life span of the users.

Wu Yu tea contains chemical that speed up the body metabolism and therefore boosting energy. It’s a great drink to take in the morning to keep one alert and energized throughout the day. It’s also very great for the skin and dermatologists recommend it for people who want clear skins as it helps get rid of unwanted and harmful chemicals from the body.

Regular intakes of Wu Yi tea helps to boost the immune system. This is through the antioxidant contained in the tea. The nutrients contained in WuYi tea have been proved to promote strong and healthy teeth. Continuous use of the tea helps to reduce the effects of plaque deposit therefore reducing chances of tooth decay.

The only side effect of consuming the tea is that it contains some small levels of caffeine just like all other types of tea. But the good news is that these amounts of caffeine are too little to cause any major heath issues to the users but in fact brings the user more energy. Not unless it’s over consumed, these side effects cause no danger at all to the user.

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Nigerian jet attacks refugee camp, killing dozens

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Nigerian Air Force jet fighter mistook refugees for rebels yesterday, Nigerian military said, firing on a camp in Rann, Borno State. Dozens of refugees and aid workers died.

The lowest estimate from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is of 50 dead. The BBC estimates at least 52 dead, while one Borno State official is attributed by AP as saying over 100 are dead. MSF say at least 200 were wounded.

The Red Cross said at least six of its staff died and twelve more injured. The impoverished region, in the northeast of the nation, has suffered severe famine as conflict interrupts agriculture. Farmers are unable to work owing to bombs on their land. The Red Cross said volunteers were at the camp, home to thousands, to distribute food.

The military said the Air Force was dispatched to deal with “remnants” of the Boko Haram militant group, which it claims to be in a final push against. Major General Leo Irabor, who led the operation, said, “Unfortunately, the strike was conducted but it turned out that other civilians were somewhere around the area and they were affected”. Irabor said two soldiers were amongst the dead and others were wounded.

Military spokesman General Rabe Abubakar said the military are “all in pain” after the disaster, adding “in a military operation such as this, from time to time these things do occur.” Irabor promised an investigation. President Muhammadu Buhari said he was saddened by “this regrettable operational mistake” and sought calm.

“This large-scale attack on vulnerable people who have already fled from extreme violence is shocking and unacceptable,” MSF operational chief Dr Jean-Clément Cabrol said. The Red Cross said it has staff and facilities ready in neighbouring Cameroon and Chad to assist. “The whole camp is controlled by the army and no one can come in or out without being checked,” said MSF head of emergencies Hugues Robert. Robert added the group knew travel and work in the area was dangerous, and took precautions.

Helicopters have been evacuating the wounded, including a United Nations helicopter which brought four medical personnel and 400kg (900lb) of emergency medical aid, and left with eight wounded Red Cross workers. The UN is in the midst of an appeal for aid to the famine-hit region.

Small Texas town hosts large baseball tournament

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Texas city of Chandler, with a modest population of just over 2,700, is hosting the Texas Teenage Baseball-Softball Association’s 8U [age 8 and under] Boys State Tournament. The event’s opening ceremony was held on Sunday July 22nd. Some of the city’s citizens have expressed excitement about and anticipation of the tournament for several weeks.

Including players and coaches, about 800 people attended the opening ceremonies, which began at 7pm CDT at the Winchester Park baseball complex and were led by the city’s Mayor, Ann Hall. Local businesses sponsored a hotdog supper at the complex before the ceremony. Overall, the tournament is to feature all 17 teams competing in about 40 games. Games are set to start at 8:30am each day, and play through 11:00pm nightly.

During the opening ceremony, teams lined up along the main competition field and each player and coach received a souvenir bag provided by the city of Chandler. The lead-up to the ceremony also featured a Kids Zone area with water slides, and bounce houses and a dunking booth staffed by coaches from the visiting teams.

The city’s major, Ann Hall, welcomed the team to Chandler and wished them salutations during their tournament play.

Learn Various Yoga Moves Online}

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Learn Various Yoga Moves Online



With the increasing work complexity and life schedule, people are more prone to various ailments such as spondylosis, anemia, back pain, headache, diabetes, obesity and many more issues. It is not possible for them to take different medicines for different diseases. Here, comes the need for yoga. Yoga is one of most effective system to achieve complete health and wellness. There is also another side of the system. Due to hectic work schedule and busy life, people find themselves unable to join a yoga class. But today the advent of internet has changed the mindset of many people. They are now moving towards learning yoga moves online.

The major benefit of practicing yoga moves online is that one can choose his own time depending on his daily work schedule. Whenever he gets time, he can start doing practice yoga positions online. Another major factors leads to the popularity of online yoga classes is that internet is a huge source of information, so, people can visit different sites to gather new and effective information on various yoga moves. They can share their own views and learn new yoga techniques online.

Since ancient time, our ancestors were following the yoga poses to achieve complete health and wellness and they were successful to much extent. The essence of yoga is to bring harmony among our body, mind and the divine entity. Yoga poses consist of several standing positions and meditation techniques that not only provide various health benefits but also keep our body and mind healthy and strong enough to avoid various ailments.

Nowadays many yoga centres are become available online and providing their yoga classes online through high-definition audio. People can join yoga classes depending upon their time availability. A simple set of yoga exercises can provide you a healthy life for future. A healthy body, active mind, relaxation and improvement of your inner power, all these can be achieved through yoga.

Divine Wellness is a leading name in online health portals. Divine Wellness provides a platform where users and practitioners can meet and discuss about various yoga positions online. To know more about their online yoga positions and online yoga moves program.

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Bus accident in Buffalo, New York leaves at least eight injured

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Buffalo, New York — An accident involving a city bus and a car at Sycamore and Monroe streets in the city of Buffalo, New York, United States, has injured at least 10 people, some seriously. The accident happened around 4:00 p.m. (EDT).

According to Buffalo Fire Department radio communications, at least two of the four people in the car will have to be removed by the ‘jaws of life’. Their condition is considered serious. The condition of the other two passengers is not known.

There are at least eight people on the bus. At about 4:15 p.m., a mobile triage was dispatched to the scene to determine how many of the passengers on the bus would need to be taken to local hospitals for treatment. At least six will be “packaged” and transported to Buffalo General Hospital.

By, 4:20 p.m., at least one of the trapped passengers was removed from the car. By 4:30, the second passenger had been removed. Both will also be treated at Buffalo General Hospital.

The bus is operated by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

New York court rules in favor of same-sex marriage

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Friday, February 4, 2005

New York, New York – Five same-sex couples won a major victory Friday as a New York State court ruled that gay couples must be allowed to marry.

Doris Ling-Cohan, a New York state Supreme Court justice, said New York’s state constitution guarantees lesbian and gay people equal access to marriage rights that are violated when same-sex couples are not allowed to marry.

“This is a historic ruling that delivers the state Constitution’s promise of equality to all New Yorkers,” Susan Sommer, Supervising Attorney at Lambda Legal Defense Fund, said in a statement to reporters.

In the New York State justice system, the Supreme Court is court in which cases originate, and is not the highest court. Decisions from the Supreme Court may, with reason, be appealed to the Appellate Division, and possibly beyond that to the Court of Appeals, the highest court in the New York State justice system.

Justice Ling-Cohan ordered the New York City Clerk’s office to start issuing marriage licences to same-sex couple within 30 days. An appeal is expected.

Former adult film actress forced to leave teaching job again

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tera Myers, a former actress in pornographic films, has left her position as a science teacher at Parkway North High School in St. Louis County, Missouri after her past was revealed by a student. This marks the second such controversy involving Myers, also known under the names Tericka Dye and the stage name Rikki Anderson. She was suspended by Kentucky’s McCracken County Public Schools system in 2006 after her career in pornography was made public.

Don Senti, interim superintendent of the district, said Myers was on administrative leave from her position at the school at her own request. Myers’ request, granted “out of respect for her privacy and that of her family,” came after a student inquired about her pornographic career. The district said Myers passed background checks before being hired as a teacher in 2007, but it did not know about her past until the student found out about it online, because her career in the pornography industry was legal. A Parkway representative said the Kentucky school at which Myers last worked was contacted in 2007 to verify her references, but no mention of her suspension or stint in pornography was provided.

Myers will continue to be paid until the end of the semester, at which time she is to leave the Parkway School District. “We’re surprised, very surprised,” said Parkway spokesperson Paul Tandy. “At the same time we feel for her and her family. We do believe she has tried to move on with her life … Unfortunately, even though it happened fifteen years ago, [the video] is still there.” According to Tandy, Dye “was concerned about the impact it would have in the building,” and, on March 4, informed the school’s principal of her past after being asked by the student. Myers also was the coach of the girls’ volleyball at Parkway North High School.

Myers previously taught at Reidland High School in Paducah, Kentucky, and was suspended in 2006 after a student there discovered her pornographic career. That May, Myers defended herself, saying, “Anybody who has been in my classroom could tell you how much I love teaching and how much I love these students, and that should be what matters more than anything in my past.” Known as Tericka Dye at the time, she protested against her dismissal and even appeared on the “Dr. Phil” talk show.

Myers said she became involved in the adult industry after working as an impoverished exotic dancer in California.

A Brief History Of Chocolate}

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A Brief History of Chocolate


Natalie Aranda

Chocolate has been a favorite of man for thousands of years. Ancient people brewing the seeds of the cacao tree into a yummy beverage was the beginning of the wide assortment of chocolates that we enjoy today.

Once chocolate was discovered by European conquests, it became a treat only the wealthiest could afford. Not only was chocolate expensive, but it was bitter. Sugar and spices used to sweeten it were expensive too and out of the common man’s reach. It was in the 1800’s that the industrial age and mass production made chocolate candy affordable for everyone.

Chocolate candy became a big hit in stores in the form of the candy bar. It took its place proudly on the general store shelf next to the gum drop, hard candy and candy cane bins of the day. From that meager beginning, the varieties available today are mind boggling. Chocolate candy is available in many different flavors, shapes and with limitless ingredients. Some ingredients such as nuts and fruits are complimentary to the flavor and texture of the chocolate and left whole or diced inside the candy bar. Spices and other flavorings are also added to enhance the chocolate or add interesting flavor notes. Some people can taste a story in their chocolate candy. The flavor medley tells them through their tongue what region of the world each ingredient came from. Travel by chocolate!

Chocolate can also be enjoyed either inside a candy coating or as a coating itself over other yummy treats such as ice cream.

Today many people buy candy online. With the invention of the World Wide Web, you can snack on exotic chocolate candy delicacies made anywhere in the world. Innovations in chocolate recipes and shipping ensure you receive your chocolate candy in perfect condition.

There is also a wide variety of chocolate molds and candy making accessories for you to try your hand at making your own chocolate candy. It’s a fun way to get children involved in the kitchen and also a great way to make personalized gifts. The possibilities are endless in the flavors and ingredients to test. A lot of very successful candy companies started this way, as a hobby in a home kitchen.

Who knows, perhaps one day when that chocolate connoisseur boots up his pc and logs on to buy candy online, the website with the interesting flavors to sample that he chooses to order from may be your own!

Natalie Aranda writes about family, food and nutrition. With the invention of the World Wide Web, you can snack on exotic

chocolate gifts

made anywhere in the world. Innovations in chocolate recipes and shipping ensure you receive your chocolate candy in perfect condition.

Chocolate gift delivery

is easier than ever. There is also a wide variety of chocolate molds and candy making accessories for you to try your hand at making your own

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. Chocolate candies are perfect birthday gifts.

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A Brief History of Chocolate


News briefs:June 30, 2006

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The time is 20:00 (UTC) on June 30th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


  • 1 Headlines
    • 1.1 Interior Ministry, Fatah offices in Gaza hit by Israeli airstrikes
    • 1.2 Palestinian PM: Israel aims to topple gov’t
    • 1.3 Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs Freitas do Amaral resigns
    • 1.4 French Parliament adopts controversial copyright bill
    • 1.5 Police crackdown on illegal tow operations in Sydney
    • 1.6 Amsterdam to open a “Chocolate Factory”
    • 1.7 Australian shot in Thailand
    • 1.8 Germany master penalties to beat Argentina to semi-final spot
    • 1.9 Ullrich and Sevilla suspended from Tour de France
  • 2 Closing statements


Man falls into 70 gallons of chocolate

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Friday, August 18, 2006

A 21 year old man fell into a tank of chocolate and was stuck waist deep in it for two hours on August 18 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Darmin Garcia, an employee of a company that supplies chocolate ingredients, said he was pushing the chocolate down into the container because it was stuck but it became loose and he fell in. However police chief Randy Berner said that he was told by Mr. Garcia that he climbed into the tank.

It was in my hair, in my ears, my mouth, everywhere,” said Garcia, who has worked at the company for two years. “I felt like I weighed 900 pounds (400 kg). I couldn’t move.”

“It was pretty thick. It was virtually like quicksand,” said Mr. Berner. “It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of anything like this,” he added.

He fell into 70 gallons (450 L) of dark chocolate that was being kept at 110°F (43°C). Co-workers, police and firefighters tried to free the man but could not until cocoa butter was used to thin the chocolate. He only suffered minor injuries and was released from hospital.

When asked whether he still had a taste for chocolate he said, “Not so much anymore.”